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Thermal massaging with whole body shells, face, neckline (massage)

Massage with warm shells is an excellent way to relax muscles, stimulate blood circulation, reduce tension in the body, soothe the nervous system. Recommended for radiculitis, sciatica, lumbago, neuralgia of the neck and cervical vertebrae, various psychiatric problems. The shells act relaxing and general health. During the massage, the heated to 50 degrees shells give calcium ions penetrating and strengthening the bones and joints. The skin becomes smooth, tight, acquires vital force. This massage removes pain in nerve endings, muscle spasms, headaches, improves blood circulation, detoxifies the skin. Massage is especially effective for struggling with cellulite and excess weight. It includes habitual movements such as smoothing, tapping and crushing, as well as pointing with the sharp end of the shell. Before the start of the massage, the shells are warmed up, and the temperature is then maintained by contact with the body.

In addition to the Kauri shells, which are applied by knocking method (removal of muscle tension, severe back pain), pearly shells are used, most often in facial, neck and neck cosmetic massage. They increase the elasticity of the skin, regenerate the cells, tighten the skin of the face and the area of the neckline, achieving a unique lifting effect.

Pearl shell has extraordinary properties: it removes nervous tension, soothes the mind, positively affects the nervous system, improves memory, eliminates stress. The combination of the special massage techniques, the selected oil and the shell itself leads to express rejuvenation and skin tightening, wrinkle smoothing and deep relaxation of the mind.

In addition, the pearl shell can also be used for a relaxing and enjoyable spa technique for applying oil to the whole body as well as for an incredible rejuvenating and softening peeling technique. This shell is used by professional masters of Tibetan massage to work with meridians, tendons and Tibetan body massage in delhi.

In Tibetan medicine, unique drugs based on this shell are used, effective in neuralgia, psyche and nervous system disorders, and decorations of this shell are recommended in case of unnecessary nervousness and nervous disorders, neuralgias of the neck and cervical vertebrae.

From the point of view of Tibetan medicine for energies, the shells nourish with curative energy and soothe the living principle of "ling" or wind (the bathtub in Ayurveda). Massage technique itself smooths the skin, and contact with the pearl shell gives the skin pearl shine, removes the pain, relaxes the muscles of the face. It is unlikely that the shape of the shell corresponds perfectly to the shape of the face and the neckline, as if nature has specifically invented this tool precisely for this pleasant procedure, which can be complemented by peeling, aromatherapy and various healing masks. Hot shells act on acupuncture points and remove fatigue, soothe the nervous system, remove tension from muscles. After this massage, energy loading is guaranteed.

The anti-cellulite peeling massage is carried out immediately after the scalp massage, and the oil is removed from the skin by rubbing with special natural ingredients. This type of massage is used to reduce the slut, losing weight. It makes the skin elastic, healthy, softens joints, removes excess fat from the skin, improves blood and lymph cycling, restores metabolism, makes the body feel lighter. The peeling massage opens "skin breathing", has an anti-cellulite effect, removes the toxins released during massage through the pores of the skin. Regular peeling helps to revitalize and rejuvenate the skin, flattens the relief, removes unnecessary subcutaneous fat and moisture. As a result, the skin becomes gentle, healthy, elastic and beautiful. The pleasant procedure has a strong anti-cellulite and rejuvenating effect.

The seabed has always been a world full of secrets and a source of beauty. It is known that the sea offers thousands of opportunities for beauty and health. Etc. Wave therapy is conducted using sea shell beetles, the curative action of which is based on the effects of bioresonance fluctuations emanating from the shell. When performing the massage, the internal fluctuations in the shell resonate with the cell-level fluctuations in the human body, normalizing the wave structures of the body.

Massage with sea shells is done by a trained specialist through special shells of different species and with different uses, with selected oils, and the technique guarantees a state of relaxation for the most restless and demanding customers.

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